Babcock Library is now providing access to Linkedin Learning!

All holders of an active library card from Babcock Library may access this invaluable educational resource!

LinkedIn Learning for Libraries provides on-line learning that is accessed with a computer (all the types of computers including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones… )

How to access LinkedIn for Learning for Libraries?

Your Choice!

  • Users may access using their own computers, smartphones, etc. from wherever there is internet connectivity. So you can log in from home to use LinkedIn for Learning.
  • You also may come into the library and use one of our computers.

What is required!

  • Your (active) library card number
  • Your library card account password
  • **if you need your library card account password defined or reset then please contact the library for assistance @ 860-487-4420 or by visiting in person**
  1. General Overview of using LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn Learning Overview
  2. Custom Link to access the unique to Babcock Library Linkedin Learning Account: BABCOCK LIBRARY LinkedIn Learning Access Link
  3. Alternatively, Scan This QR Code to access the Log In Link!