So Many Books! Find Yours!

Here are some online sites to check for reading inspiration!

If you find something you would like to read from the sources below simply check the Bibliomation Catalog – Babcock Library is part of Bibliomation! Most times if a book is not owned by Babcock Library we can get it for you from another library. Many books are available as downloadable e-books as well with the Libby App.

Los Angeles Times Best Seller List

The New York Times Best Sellers List


About Whichbook

This is an innovative site to search for books using criteria such as mood, other books you liked to find similar, global search… there many ways to filter to find interesting selections.

From the site: Searching book sites usually means keying in an author’s name or a book title. But if you know the name already, your search is likely to turn up books you’ve already heard about. No surprises there. How about if you didn’t need an author name at all? If you could start with what you as a reader are looking for right now? You might be in the mood for a funny read, or something to make you think. Do you want a book that’s easy going or more of a challenge to get your teeth into?

The Reading Lists

About The Reading Lists

From the site: So what is this all about? Well, the Reading Lists is a passion project.  We think reading is essential and it pains us that so many people don’t do it.  To be able to read is a true gift, a gift that a sizeable portion of the world’s population doesn’t receive.  Our mission is to inspire more people to pick up great books and lose themselves in exotic worlds, learn complex lessons or perhaps just relax for a moment.