While Justice Sleeps by Stacey Abrams

The Secret Talker by Geling Yan

Goblin by Josh Malerman

Creatures of Another Age by Richard Fallon

The Only Black Girls in Town by Brandy Colbert

Ariadne by Jennifer Saint

The Lady has a Past by Amanda Quick

Reunion Beach

The Free World by Louis Menand

If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha

Hour of the Witch Chris Bohjlian

Robert B Parker’s Payback

The Bounty Janet Evanovich

How to Grow Your Own Food Angela S Judd


The Land Before Time Collection

The Munsters Season 1 & 2

My Brother’s Keeper


The Matrix Collection

Final Destination Collection

The Librarians Collection



Finding Ashley Danielle Steele

What Happened to You? Bruce D Perry/Oprah Winfrey

A Gambling Man David Baldacci


I am Amelia Earhart / Brad Meltzer

I am Rosa Parks / Brad Meltzer

I am Abraham Lincoln / by Brad Meltzer

I am Albert Einstein / Brad Meltzer

Otis / Loren Long

The world needs more purple people / by Kristen Bell & Benjamin Hart

Eyes that kiss in the corners / by Joanna Ho

What the road said / Cleo Wade

Hello Moon / by Julie Downing

The Whatifs / by Emily Kilgore

What are your words? : a book about pronouns / by Katherine Locke

It began with lemonade / by Gideon Sterer

Itty-bitty kitty-corn / Shannon Hale & LeUyen Pham

We are water protectors / written by Carole Lindstrom

Otis and the puppy / Loren Long

An Otis Christmas / Loren Long

Otis and the scarecrow / Loren Long

Otis and the tornado / Loren Long

The one and only Sparkella / Channing Tatum

I Wish You Knew/Jackie Kramer.

Dessert island / Ben Zhu

Fry bread : a Native American family story / written by Kevin Noble Maillard

Flood-a-geddon / James Burks

Nate the great and the Earth Day robot / by Andrew Sharmat

The tyrant’s tomb / Rick Riordan

Who was Kobe Bryant? / by Ellen Labrecque

Who is Greta Thunberg? / by Jill Leonard

Who Is Kamala Harris? / by Kirsten Anderson

Who is Jane Goodall? / by Roberta Edwards

Who Was Laura Ingalls Wilder? / by Patricia Brennan Demuth

Who was Sacagawea? / by Dennis Brindell Fradin and Judith Bloom Fradin

Who was Rosa Parks? / by Yona Zeldis McDonough

Who was Maria Tallchief? / by Catherine Gourley

Who was Frida Kahlo? / by Sarah Fabiny

Who was Amelia Earhart? / by Kate Boehm Jerome

Who was Anne Frank? / by Ann Abramson

Who was Annie Oakley? / by Stephanie Spinner

Who was Sally Ride? / by Megan Stine

Who was Clara Barton? / by Stephanie Spinner

Who was Marie Curie? / by Megan Stine

Who was Helen Keller? / by Gare Thompson

Who is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? / by James Buckley Jr.

Who Is Neil Degrasse Tyson? By Pam Pollack

Who is RuPaul? By Nico Medina

Who is Ken Jennings? / by Kirsten Anderson

Mr. Strike Out / by Jake Maddox

On the line / by Jake Maddox

Paintball blast / by Jake Maddox

Skate park challenge / by Jake Maddox

Free throw / by Jake Maddox

Board rebel / by Jake Maddox

Go-kart rush / by Jake Maddox

Speedway switch / by Jake Maddox

Pete the cat. Super Pete / by Kimberly & James Dean

Warriors: Winds of Change by Erinn Hunter

Awesome Dog 5000 vs. Mayor Bossypants / Justin Dean

To the future, Ben Franklin! / by Mary Pope Osborne

The Basque dragon / by Adam Gidwitz & Jesse Casey

Heat of the lava dragon / Tracey West

Superstore surprise / Geronimo Stilton

Crack in the Code! (Minecraft Stonesword Saga #1)./Eliopulos, Nick.

Wither Geronimo Stilton : the graphic novel. The sewer rat stink / text by Geronimo Stilton without you. Volume 2 / Kristen Gudsnuk

The magic of the mirror / Thea Stilton

Warriors in winter / by Mary Pope Osborne

The last kids on Earth. Thrilling tales from the tree house / written by Max Brallier


The hollow inside / by Brooke Lauren Davis