The Story of Ruby Bridges

The Story of Ruby Bridges

State Representative Pat Wilson Pheanious will read “The Story
of Ruby Bridges” She will talk with children and their parents
about the ideas and experiences that the story raises. Ruby
Bridges was a seven year old Black girl with a heart full of love
and a determined mission. School Segregation was an important
change for the people of New Orleans in 1957, and this little girl
played a very critical role. She stood strong and fended off the
feelings of people who didn’t like her or want their children to go
to school with her because she was racially different.
Many things have changed since 1957 but some things haven’t.
Courage, the pain of hate, the strength of prayer, the power of
forgiveness, the lesson of perseverance and the on-going
imperative of human dignity will never grow old.
As we read Ruby’s story we will try to identify how the various
people in the book may have felt and why they may have felt that
way. We will talk about how times have changed and what is
(and is not) different in 2020. Ruby’s story happened a long time
ago. But today there are still strong people (even little ones) who
are willing to risk safety and comfort to stand up for themselves
and for what they know is right.
Ruby’s story teaches things which will never change. Human
difference shows God’s fondest for variety. His influence,
parental love and support can help us face difficult and frightening
Pat is a lifelong resident of Ashford. She attended Ashford
Elementary School, EO Smith and UConn. She is a teacher, a
lawyer, a social worker, a grandmother and since 2018, this Districts representative in Connecticut’s General Assembly.
This is a Zoom program and will be held Wednesday, August 12th
at 5:30pm. Please contact the library at (860) 487-4420 for
instructions on how to log on. The link will be available on our website and Facebook page soon.

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