Mystery Book Discussion

Mystery Book Discussion

Join other avid mystery book readers here at Babcock Library to discuss the latest mystery book selection!

The selection for January is “Who Is Vera Kelly?” by Rosalie Knecht

The first installment in Rosalie Knecht’s new series featuring the female spy, Vera Kelly.

New York City, 1962. Vera Kelly is struggling to make rent and blend into the underground scene in Greenwich Village. She’s working night shifts at a radio station when her quick wits, sharp tongue, and technical skills get her noticed by a recruiter for the CIA.

Next thing she knows she’s in Argentina, tasked with wiretapping a congressman and infiltrating a group of student activists in Buenos Aires. As Vera becomes more and more enmeshed with the young radicals, the fragile local government begins to split at the seams. When a betrayal leaves her stranded in the wake of a coup, Vera learns war makes for strange and unexpected bedfellows, and she’s forced to take extreme measures to save herself.

An exhilarating page turner and perceptive coming-of-age story, WHO IS VERA KELLY? introduces an original, wry and whip-smart female spy for the twenty-first century.

The selection for February is “Hunting Game” by Helene Tursten

The first installment in Helene Tursten’s brand new series featuring the strong, smart Detective Inspector Embla Nyström.

From a young age, 28-year-old Embla Nyström has been plagued by chronic nightmares and racing thoughts. Though she still develops unhealthy fixations and makes rash decisions from time to time, she has learned to channel most of her anxious energy into her position as Detective Inspector in the mobile unit in Gothenburg, Sweden, and into sports.

A talented hunter and prize-winning Nordic welterweight, she is glad to be taking a vacation from her high-stress job to attend the annual moose hunt with her family and friends. But when Embla arrives at her uncle’s cabin in rural Dalsland, she sees an unfamiliar face has joined the group: Peter, an enigmatic young divorcé. And she isn’t the only one to take notice. One longtime member of the hunt doesn’t welcome the presence of an outsider and is quick to point out that with Peter, the group’s number reaches thirteen, a bad omen for the week.

The selection for March is “Killers of a Certain Age” by Deanna Raybourn

New York Times bestselling author Deanna Raybourn turns in a delightful, edge-of-your-seat action-adventure-thriller in Killers of a Certain Age. 

A retirement vacation turns into a fight for survival when four 60-year-old female assassins realize they are being targeted by the Museum, the organization they’ve spent 40 years working for.

This is Raybourn’s first contemporary novel, and she knocks it out of the park with excellent storytelling, relatable characters and fun (and believable) dialogue in a highly effective thriller. Billie, Mary Alice, Helen and Natalie are fully developed characters who are physical, smart and excellent at what they do. This is a ride you don’t want to miss.

The selection for April is “The Daughter of Doctor Moreau” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Where, exactly, is the line between human and animal? Deep in the tropical forests of Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Yucatán, the answer is intentionally unclear.

A girl, Carlota, grows up helping her father with his important, but mysterious research. But it is only when their small enclave is visited by outsiders that Carlota realizes just how earth-shattering this research really is and how deeply she’s implicated in it. Part thriller, science fiction, adventure, and social critique, this book – like many of the characters who inhabit it – is never just one thing.

Copies of the books are available from Babcock Library!

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