The Babcock Library is now open to the public as well as continuing to offer a book drop pick-up service.

Our hours are Monday-Tuesday 9-5, Wednesday 9-6, Friday 9-5; Saturday 9-1; these hours are subject to change. You must wear a mask in the library. If this is not possible, we are still offering book drop pickup to all patrons.

Please observe the full set of guidelines that are listed below:

• Proper face covering is required to enter the building; there will be no exceptions to this rule. If you are unable to wear a face-covering you can call the library and we will bring your items out to you.

• All library material MUST be returned to the outside book drop.

• Children’s computers are not available.

• The copier and fax machine are available with staff assistance.

• No food or drinks in the library.

• Book drop pick-up is still available for anyone during library hours.

• Most important: if you are sick, or believe you may have been exposed to Covid-19, please stay home.